gk questions about animals with answer

Gk questions about animals with answer is listed below for kids of school of any age who are participating in quiz competition will help to gain some general knowledge about animals.

As kids are not aware about animals this awesome animal quiz will test your knowledge as well as your kid’s knowledge on animals.

The test of one’s learning has always been fascinating and fun for children. Therefore, it is no surprise that animal quizzes and puzzles are so popular among children.

We are positive in the world of kids that you want your child to be popular among their peers in school. These quizzes and puzzles gave him that edge.

Top IMP General knowledge GK question based on animals.

Q1. How many number of teeth a fox animal has?

Ans: 42 teeth.

Q2. Which animal have the most largest number of teeth?

Ans:Garden snail with 14,000 teeth.

Q3. Which animal has 3 hearts?

Ans: Octopus.

Q4. Which animal have largest heart?

gk questions for kindergarten school kids about animals

Ans: Blue Whale.

Q5. which animal has no brain?

Ans: Cassiopea (Jellyfish).

gk questions about animals with answer

Q6. which animal has no brain and heart?

Ans: Jellyfish.

Q7. The largest Kangaroo in the world is?

Ans: Red Kangaroo.

Q8. How many legs a scorpian have?

Ans: Eight (8).

Q9. Which animal is never sleep?

Ans BullFrog.

Q10. Which animal is most poisonous in the world?

Ans: Pufferfish.

Q11. Which is the only snake species that is both venomous and poisonous?

Ans: Asian tiger snake.

Q12. Name the fish that swim backwards?

Ans: Eels Fish.

Q13. Which is the fastest-moving insect in the world?

Ans: Tropical cockroach.

Q14. Name the largest division of the animal kingdom?

Ans: Arthropoda.

Q15. The largest seabird in the world is?

Ans: Albatross.

These above general knowledge questions are listed as Top General knowledge GK question based on animals for kindergarten school kids of any age between 1 to 15 studying in class group from class 1 to class 10.

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